Monday, June 28, 2010

My son....

He wakes up early every morning,
That's when his body tells him to.
Morning is his best chance to piddle on the computer
With no interruptions.

When he sees me getting up,
He smiles and turns off the computer
And immediately asks me how I've slept.
"Good" I say, "And you?"
"Oh I slept great." he says, his voice lower as he's grown,
But soft just the same.

His gentle spirit moves forward through every day,
Doing everything he can to stay comfortable.
He makes sure he smiles at the appropriate times,
He's observed the rest of the kids his age well.
Any other child might have lost himself in this process,
But not him.
Through it all, he has stayed himself.
His wise, experienced spirit has stayed strong.

His wheels turn in ways that only he can understand.
I've begged him to teach me...
To show me what he knows in there.
It must be so beautiful.
One day, he will...
And I will be amazed,
As I always am,
As I always have been
When it comes to him.

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