Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reflections of Christopher

I have often said that Christopher's soul has lived many lives before entering his body. At times his spirit seems much more like an 80 year old than an 10 year old. While I'm sure most parents have at times felt that our children have taught us more than we've taught them, I could write a book on the things I've learned from each one of my kids.

Christopher came with a lesson plan that was unexpected, at times frustrating, but completely enlightening. All his life, he's been set in his ways. Intolerant of loudness, insisting on a schedule, avoiding the uncomfortable, craving predictability. While some are terrified of being alone, for Christopher the solitude is like a warm blanket. The silence, for him, offers a peacefulness that I'm not even sure if I've had the pleasure of knowing in my own life. In short, this kid is brilliant...wise beyond his years. His eccentrics can be entertaining. (I mean, have you SEEN this kid draw?) And sure, he's liable to start up table conversation with random topics like, "Ok, who here wears socks to bed? Show of hands..." He brings a smile to everyone who knows him well.

Having said that, yes...he does enjoy a good jab at his older sister or poke at his younger brother. And yes, he has been known to provoke his siblings until they are wound to complete fury-then walk away smiling...I mean come on, he IS ten after all.

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